Cutting the Cable TV Cord for Non-Geeks

The Practical Geek: Cutting the cord, part one-ready, willing and no cable
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These antennas have come a long way, even since we checked them out just a few years ago.

They are slim, sleek, and take advantage of digital signals with multi-directional technology. Mohu is a highly rated company. You can even check your zip code on GoMohu. Streaming media is the other way to access TV and movies. Streaming media means it comes in over the internet rather than cable or satellite.

With streaming media you need a piece of hardware to be the bridge between your TV, the WIFI, and the software connecting you to the actual media think Netflix. With the streaming option you purchase the box, but in order to access media you typically have to have a subscription to a service Netflix, HBOGO or have bought the media at some point.

Cut the Cord and Subscribe to These Streaming TV Services

The Catch: Be sure to research whether a particular channel needs a subscription before you dive in. Some channels may only offer limited access. Apple TV jumped on the streaming media bandwagon first. They introduced a box years ago and have been tweaking it ever since.

The Ultimate Cord Cutter's Guide

You can access iTunes Movies and TV shows in addition to a growing number of channels and streaming options. Biggest Pro: If you are a real Apple household, the integration with the iCloud, your photos, your iTunes library is really nice. I have always enjoyed the screensaver mode which projects all our family photos on the TV if the Apple TV is on and we are not actively watching it.

Rumors are this may change with the next Apple TV release. Roku has been around for a while as well. They offer a HUGE variety in channels, at this time they are advertising access to over a channels.

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They offer three different models, 2 of which are cheaper than AppleTV. Biggest Con: You can play iTunes media, but it requires a third-party app. This extra hassle is probably not worth it if your media is mainly on iTunes. Amazon recently entered this space with their own streaming media device.

1. See What’s Available Over the Air

It is a also a box and gives the standard option of channels. They send you the box preregistered with your Amazon account making it very simple to set up. Biggest Pro: If you have used one of these streaming devices before you know how hard it is to search for things with that tiny remote.

Guide to "Cutting the Cable TV Cord" 2019

With voice search you can find what you are looking for in half the time. Biggest Con: This is a pretty big con if you are a big Apple person. You will not have access to any of your iTunes media. I am going to throw Chromecast in here, but it is really not on par with the other players in the field.

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There are certainly cool uses for this hotels TVs , but probably is not a good option in replacing your cable plan. The advice that we would give is to select add-ons in your TV package carefully. Instead of adding expensive movie packages why not just add streaming to your package. This way you get movies and original content added with s of hours of entertainment.

In short what we can say is that streaming has definitely changed the way we watch programming but cannot replace certain aspects of regular T.

Cut the cord: how to break up with cable TV > Life Your Way

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DVRs You Can Use Without Needing a Cable Subscription

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