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Kartboy 6MT front shifter stay bushing
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Read plenty of threads about shifting saying "that's just the way they are", but I couldn't believe BMW would allow it to be this bad. Trans and diff fluid were changed with new OEM fluid, which improved the feel only slightly. Having replaced the clutch on my Z3, I was familiar with the BMW shift linkage and knew some part were prone to wear. So I replaced all of them, and per forum recommendation, also went with a short shift lever. The throws on the M3 are insanely long. Also did the CDV delete at the same time, which was super easy. The whole job took about 10 hours, spread over three evenings, most of which was on my back under the car.

It sucked. I did remove the midsection and heat shields for more room. Unless you have tiny hands or really hate yourself, this is the way to go.

Cut that sucka with a Dremel. Top tip 2: Check that the retaining pin will slide through the Rogue carrier bushings before trying to install it. Being a two piece design, there can be some mismatch between the two. I had to clean up the hole with a file before the pin would slide through. There's zero give to the delrin bushings. So the end result Side-to-side play hardly exists, everything feels firm, and 2nd gear goes in without the added resistance.

It's very predictable. Shift effort has increased significantly, and it's more "notchy" due to the short shift lever. Throws are super short now.

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Something between this and the original lever is probably ideal for me, but I'll try it for a while and see if I change my mind. So the moral of the story is that if you think 2nd gear is excessively difficult to engage, don't believe the threads saying it's normal. It's still not an easy shifting transmission, but it can really be improved.

When I had my Dinan SSK installed I had the turner delrin carrier bushing installed and it really tightened things up. Glad it worked out for you. You've improved it from abominable to lousy. The shift quality on this transmission, with every shifter that I've ever tried and always with excellent linkages, is poor.

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It's just the nature of it. I did the same with mine. Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

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