Life Entwined with Lilys: The Third in a Trilogy (The Lily Trilogy Book 3)

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Here is a steamy excerpt from the book to whet your appetite even more!

In the Woods: Dublin Murder Squad: 1. One Summer PUB. Remember Me? Sheltering Rain PUB.

Something Like Summer Something Like. Stolen PUB. Straight PUB. The Most Precious Thing: One night. A lifetime of consequences. One Resource You'll Be Using Next Year Personally I'm finding the Iphone really useful for planning and keeping records, much more useful than the computer ever was, or my various systems of binders. I can even scan in things I want to keep track of, so I'll probably be making copies of old papers and stories so they are backed up in "The Cloud".

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I'll probably be using it a lot for various things. But this probably is about the kids, so I'll mention that I just ordered Secrets of Mental Math from The Teaching Company at a discount, and am planning to watch it with Kieron for a start into tenth grade math.

Life Entwined with Lily's: The Third in a Trilogy (The Lily Series)

He is doing fairly well in math but doesn't like it and doesn't feel that confident about it so I thought we might find a math DVD sort of interesting and inspiring for a change. Karate or fencing lessons for the boys. One Resource You Wish Existed A local homeschool resource center where you could go and take whatever classes you wanted and meet with other homeschoolers and people who are excited about homeschoolers. Or even better, a church within driving distance where we could go to daily Mass.

But I still like MP because of the interesting articles. Now I'm supposed to tag six other people. I think I've seen this circulating for a while already so I don't know who's already done it or had the chance. I'll tag the last six homeschooling types who commented on here, who to my knowledge didn't already participate in the meme.

Only if you want to, of course. Steph at Confessions of an Erratic Homeschooler so glad to see you blogging again Steph! But you should anyway. Posted by Willa at AM 4 comments Links to this post. Quotidian Day. I thought I would write out how our schedule is working out this first week, which is probably boring to read.

And it will develop as time goes by -- we like to start slowly.

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Usually we start in mid-August but this year, summer was so late, short and cold that I don't want to lose these golden late-summer days. Wake up -- I've been waking up late because of being wakeful in the middle of the night. Usually I would have an hour or so to study and read, but instead I've been doing this when I am awake at night. Start Day -- breakfast, laundry, straighten. I organized our CDs last week and am trying to play one every morning at breakfast time Go Outside -- we used to go outside first thing in the day, just to make sure it happened, and recently we've been doing it again.

I don't want to miss out on this beautiful warm fall we are having here. And I reread Home Education this summer; since CM puts "outdoor life" first, can I do better than to bring them and myself out of the house as soon as I can? Today was different because we zipped over to Paddy's piano lesson, and then stopped by the lake on the way home. They are draining the lake this winter to clean it out it's an artificial one scaffolded by a dam so already the water was remarkably low -- see the layers?

Wednesday, September 7, Ecclesiastes 3 Homeschooling? Our traditional "first day of school" visit to the lake One of the delightful and challenging things about unschooling is that it is different from family to family, season to season.

Maybe it could be called the Eccleasiastes 3 method of education? One that strives to develop a more acute sense of the fittingness of things in their due times and seasons?

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That "sense" is a kind of listening, which I have trouble with. Too often, I either dull it with self-indulgence or blunt it by trying to ignore it for some arbittrary "should" that doesn't reflect reality. To explain what I mean perhaps I could use food comparisons? I did some chopping, added some rice vinegar and a bit of salad dressing, and I had a nice salad for lunch, the kind Aidan loves to share with me. And it was delightful to sit in the late summer sun by the window and eat, home from the lakeside and castlebuilding with my three remaining boys at home.

Lily: Real Life, Real Literature

Strange color combo but tasted pretty good Instead, I could have eaten a Big Mac, or followed some difficult and exotic diet plan that involved buying all sorts of expensive ingredients and going to a lot of trouble to stick to the plan. Either of which might be fine in certain circumstances, but I'm trying to follow the analogy.

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Paperback , pages. While the adults busied themselves, I politely asked where my new room would be. This is a very different kind of household servant! She was agitated again, her breaths coming in short, fast pants as her fingers splayed behind her back. I adore all animals and love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing.

I'm trying to demonstrate to myself that it doesn't take huge amounts of planning or money or work to have a healthy learning environment. And an informal learning environment, aka unschooling, is not synonymous with fast junk food, with sprawling around doing whatever's easiest. Care and spontaneity can exist side by side; in fact, they are quite complementary. In this way it is something like writing a story, again. You probably need to take some care to build your imaginary world and hone your literary tools beforehand -- how much and what kind of care might depend upon the individual writer -- but when you sit down to write, it can't be completely dry and mechanical, because that won't work.

Another comparison that comes to mind is what the spiritual writers have said about mental prayer. You have what they call "remote preparation", meaning that there should never be a time that you are completely apart from prayer, that in some ways your whole life should be a preparation for prayer; but still, when you settle down in your prayer closet or rocking chair with your nursing baby, or wherever you have your time apart with God it is not enough to just pray by rote. The prayer is supposed to change you; you inevitably set out on a journey, a sort of quest, when you pray. Some days are good, some you fight just to move, but it never is quite like the plan.

Tuesday, September 6, Time and Temperature. A childhood friend of my husband's gave us this clock for a wedding present, and it quietly measured the time, the temperature, and the barometric pressure of our environment for just about a quarter of a century. All it required in return was the energy derived from a single AA battery, replaced about once a year. It was one of our handsomest, most discreet, and most faithful household servants, as well as being simple and useful.

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It was limited, of course, but served in an exemplary fashion within its limits. I am typing this out on the IPhone I got during one of our several travels this summer. This is a very different kind of household servant! It is a sort of factotum.

Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson - Book Video Trailer

It can do almost everything but mix a post-hangover elixir as Jeeves did upon first meeting with Wooster. Who knows, maybe it can do that too -- I haven't actually searched, since I'm not generally afflicted with hangovers. From here, this post could go in all sorts of directions, and some of them I have been thinking through as I woke up this morning, but none of them were very closely connected to what I started off to say, which was something more like "tempus fugit. It really does, doesn't it? New things replace the old; but replace isn't quite the word, because the new things fill new spaces.

My iPhone can tell time and even tell me barometric pressure, though it operates from second-hand information and is thus not as accurate. And it doesn't fill the blank on the wall, but it's more portable. In my home, I have three children now, which reminds me of 20 years ago.

But they are not the same 3 children, and I have 4 children grown and in various situations out in the world, which is different. Indeed, time flies; Heraclitus says that when you step back into a river, it is no longer the same river. Yet it is, in a way, or you couldn't call it by the same name. I suppose I will stop there. If this sounds a little bit rambling, you can put it down to experimenting in micro-blogging it's hard to type on a tiny virtual platform and to my feelings that this has been a very unusual summer. After all, six months ago seven children were basically at home and now only three are!

This is time- lapse life, like the river suddenly doubled in speed, and it didn't help that we had such a strange, abbreviated summer here in the Sierras. As we travel with Pip, we find that Dickens leads us to an acceptance of worldly limitations and an anticipation of final salvation.