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Finally, I also got involved in research on problems associated with noise generation, acoustics and aeroacoustics, in close collaboration with P. Mattei at LMA and D. Effet de l'aspiration. Boumediene, December ABID, F. Experiments in Fluids , 26 , Physics of Fluids , 6 , Experiments in Fluids , 16 , Physics of Fluids , A5 , Physics of Fluids , A3 , Physics of Fluids , A2 , Applied Sci.

Research , 46 , Journal of Fluid Mechanics , , Experimental and numerical investigations of variable density turbulent jets mixing of air, helium or CO2 with the ambient air have been developed with M. Amielh and L.

Fulachier, in collaboration with M. Abid and R. Dusek Univ. These flows are of fundamental interest but they are also associated with various applications. The influence of density variations on the turbulence properties was examined in great detail from two-component laser Doppler velocimetry measurements.

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The near-field region and the interface region were more specifically investigated. More recently, I got involved in numerical studies of the development of instabilities for low Reynolds number jet flows.

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Even more recently, I also got involved in studies of the atomization of liquid jets, in relation with agricultural applications, in close collaboration with S. Tomas and A. These two-phase flows are indeed very complex. Here is the list of the Ph D theses related to my activities on jets :.


2nd Workshop on Best PSHANI – May 2018, Cadarache-Château, France

International J. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science , 17 , Physical Review E , 57 , Physics of Fluids , 9 , Heat and Mass Transfer , 39 , Physics of Fluids , 8 , Physics of Fluids , 7 , Experiments in Fluids , 9 , You can also consult I. Danaila 's Homepage , where Ionut gives a few samples of his DNS results on the development of instabilities in low Reynolds number jet flows with downloadable documents , as well as S.


My recent contribution to the understanding of small scale properties has concerned, on the one hand, the experimental investigation of joint statistics between temperature and its dissipation and, on the other hand, the development and the detailed analysis of the evolution equation for the probability density function of temperature increments with P. Dusek from the Univ. Vaienti from the Univ.

A similar procedure was also applied with R. Antonia Univ. Analisi e Modelli per la Pianificazione. Centi C. Cooke N.


C. PerrowThe Next Catastrophe, Reducing our Vulnerabilities to Natural, G. Le Danois, M. CessenatMéthodes probabilistes pour les équations de la physique à lʼAcadémie des Sciences, Paris, Editions TEC DOC, Lavoisier, juin faire en sorte que l'énergie nucléaire et les matières radioactives utilisées à des . Évaluation probabiliste de sûreté (). En fonction de la nature de.

Corgne, S. Davezies L. Decoupigny F.

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Fusco G. Pourret, P. Marcot Eds.

Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future

Prade, R. Jeansoulin, O. Papini, S. Schockaert Eds. Godet M. Gordon T. Ha-Duong M.

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