Nonmammalian Genomic Analysis: A Practical Guide

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Chapter 5. Chapter Nucleic Acids Res.

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USA 85, Chapter 8. The spotted gar genome illuminates vertebrate evolution and facilitates human-teleost comparisons.

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Offering detailed protocols for those needing to construct a variety of maps and isolate genes, this unique book is intended to popularize the new techniques of genome analysis derived from the Human Genome Project. Nonmammalian Genomic Analysis. A Practical Guide. Book • Edited by: BRUCE BIRREN and ERIC LAI. Browse book content. About the book. Search in​.

Genome complexity in the coelacanth is reflected in its adaptive immune system. A tetrapod-like repertoire of innate immune receptors and effectors for coelacanths. Weir's handbook of experimental immunology Leonore A.

Herzenberg, Donald M. Weir, Leonard A.

Herzenberg, Caroline Blackwell eds. Molecular evolution of immunoglobulin VH segments.

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  • Nonmammalian genomic analysis [1996].

Lai, Eric Hon Cheong, Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Lee, B. Birren, and E. Lai-- electrophoretic karyotyping in fungi, K.

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Dewar, L. Bernier, and R. Levesque-- isolation and analysis of high molecular weight DNA from plants, M. Ganal-- generating and using DNA markers in plants, J.

Rafalski, M. Morgante, W. Powell, J. Vogel, and S.

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Tingey-- genome mapping of protozoan parasites by linking clones, S. Morzaria-- mapping and analysis of bacterial genomes, U. Romling, R. Fislage, and B. Tummler-- cosmid cloning with small genomes, R. Wenzal and R. Amemiya, T.