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After about 6 months of training, my skill level progressed from not knowing how to correctly throw a punch, to being ready for my first fight. He will get you to where you want to be and beyond.

Michael Jai White Training - Striking with Maximum Power Lesson

Tigran has experience and it shows, not only by the way he moves when demonstrating but also at his ability to observe others movements and quickly diagnose flaws in their kinetic chain. When correcting he is always able to demonstrate and explain the problem and solution multiple ways to ensure you fully grasp not only the technique, but also the principle as it applies to boxing. He has always put a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of boxing and it pays off. During my first sparring session back I noticed great improvements in my movement, offense, defense and general control of the fight.

If you have any chance to work with Tigran I would highly recommend it. I was never athletic, and at that time I was in poor physical shape with several potential life threatening habits such as smoking. First, he began by helping me to build better habits, especially healthier nutrition. He then helped me gain conditioning by introducing me to calisthenics, running, and weight training. I am a much more confident person because of what Tigran has taught me in the gym.

Tigran is professional, bright, knowledgeable, patient, disciplined, and confidence inspiring coach.

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He is completely devoted to the art of boxing and loves teaching it to others. Someone simply yelling at you to punch things without purpose.

The Debate

Someone who teaches "self-defense" but couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Someone with only a background in physical exercise or fitness not REAL boxing. Someone who has never been punched in the face. You should never trust any man who hasn't ever been punched in the face. You will receive elite level boxing coaching stemming from years of hard work legitimate training experience. You will receive personalized boxing instruction custom designed for your current level.

The BEGINNER’S Guide to Boxing

You will receive coaching from someone who can actually walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. Most importantly you will grow as a person in and out of the ring. Boxing should be approached with a serious consideration for one's health, safety, and consequences for all those involved. It makes me absolutely cringe when I see terrible instruction being taught that could lead to some severe consequences. Being taught bad form and poor techniques with attention to specific details can result in creating training scares that will hinder the growth of the boxer. I emphasize proper technique above all else while making sure all the key fundamentals defense, form, balance etc.

There are specific reasons as to how and why the body moves the way it does in boxing, and those must be paid attention to. I want my students to ask tons of questions so that they can really understand everything we are learning and WHY it works.

The BEGINNER’S Guide to Boxing

I approach boxing as both a combat art and science because at the end of the day there is a reason this stuff really works! I teach boxing as a combat art, a science, and "a way" of life to my students. I also have very high standards when it comes to who else I would call a "boxing coach". When I place myself into that category I fully take on that responsibility.

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Nov 23, Skills and experience will teach you over time. . It's safer to cover yourself, instead of chasing the punch (which still leaves you open). I live in Long Island, and I can't find any boxing gyms that are . You can however teach yourself the basics but nothing tactical such as counter.

I am not just another exercise trainer that you may have worked with in the past. I only coach REAL boxing and consistently build upon my knowledge and skill set. I seek out other coaches I respect and never stop my own personal growth. Will I be punched in the face? It means I believe you are ready to take the next step in your evolution of your training and I am confident in your ability to defend yourself during a live combat situation in a controlled environment. No one gets punched, hit, or starts contact sparring without displaying to me that they are ready for that level of training.

When do I get hit? I thought the idea of boxing meant to be hit? Boxing is a self-paced journey that will differ for everyone and that includes the time when one is ready to start getting hit or making contact with others. This will depend on how well you're understanding what we are learning and how well you are able to demonstrate that during our sessions.

Bottom line, getting hit or getting hit at in sparring is a privilege and will always serve a specific learning purpose in our training. I don't let my students simply hop into the ring to go "just spar" for the hell of it, there should always be a specific purpose behind sparring.

I don't enjoy watching my students go slug it out and brawl without any purpose behind it. What do I need to bring to each session? Comfortable workout attire, boxing gloves, boxing handwraps, and a jump rope. Contact me if your have additional questions about any of these specific items. Sessions are one hour 60 minutes long but I also offer a half hour 30 minute session option for those who demonstrate that they need less direction and work better on their own.

What are your prices and availability? My prices will vary depending on the location of our training, if you are a club member at RSU where I do the majority of my work, and depends on if you are purchasing a single session or a package. I like to stay busy so my availability is often limited and changes week-to-week. As much as I enjoy a consist schedule with my clients, as the saying goes "life happens".

We all have things that occasionally pop up from time to time that throws off our schedules me included.

I understand that planned vacations, holidays, family commitments, responsibilities, and the occasional emergencies play factors in our lives. Therefore, my schedule is usually on a first-come-first-serve basis set up on the Sunday of each week. I love what I do. You might have heard people say that before, but I truly do.

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You may have noticed it mentions as "human beings" above and not just as "boxers" because that is what this art is all about. I sincerely enjoy watching people conquer their fears, overcome obstacles, get into the best shape of their lives plus an endless amount of other benefits from boxing along "the way" , while learning REAL boxing. Also, exchange of punches can loosen some teeth over a period of time. So, make sure that your mouth is fully protected by a mouth guard.

Protection: HeadGear. The headgear is a pragmatic solution to save your head from all the repeated blows coming your way. Of course, you can still get knocked down, but a headgear will prevent a lot of cuts and bruises. You will definitely be able to survive longer than usual in a fight. As a beginner, get a headgear that protects most part of your head as opposed to something that offers minimal head coverage.

Of course, keep in mind that the headgear should not affect your sight or breathing ability. A punching bag workout can help you gain the stamina and coordination needed to help you get better at the sport without any external help. Training: Speed Bag.

Speed Bags are used to create and improve speed and coordination in the hands as well as the feet.