Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies

The Right Way to Manage Unprofitable Customers
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Josh Steimle. Guest Writer. October 1, 8 min read.

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Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies (Introducing revelation x) Paperback – January 1, ​ An enlightened roadmap that works for managing and retaining high value and complex client relationships.​ If you're in business or customer service and have clients you truly care about. Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies - Kindle edition by John Gamble, Steve Wurzbacher. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones.

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Synergy have carried out fire risk assessments and fire training for us for four years now throughout the UK. Sports Direct is a dynamic and volatile company with constantly changing demands.

Synergy Fire Engineering have consistently responded effectively to our exacting requirements, understanding complex issues and providing practical solutions achieving first class results within very challenging time and cost constraints. Their consultants are effective and capable, communicating well with both Senior Management and Project Managers and soon receiving their respect and confidence. Trevor Hartley Architect Sports Direct.

We had received differing advice from various fire and security companies and sought some expert advice on exactly what we needed to comply with the law. Synergy designed our life safety systems around the fire risk assessment they carried out, ensuring we got exactly what we needed. I once had a client in the makeup industry who could not separate family and business.

Since it was lipstick, the daughter would draw the lipstick being applied to lips however there was nothing else, no face, just the floating lips with lipstick poorly drawn by a child. The drawing looked like a red hole with a stick in it, people reported them as pornography-related content often but the client said everyone else was the problem, obviously not the drawing. What makes them great is the level of trust and respect for our tech team. With great power comes great responsibility, but without trust, we would always need to justify every tiny step of the way.

Communication is crisp and timely, and we are an honored member collectively of their business growth department. We work as one, think as one, act as one — collaborating and pushing forward together. Emergencies were escalated numerous times for no apparent reason. They know we are the experts and really put full faith into our recommendations around project approach, architecture, technologies to use, etc. These clients see us as a valuable partner, an extension of their team, which always helps toward the success of a project and future goals.

Ultimately their project suffers in the long run.

Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies (Introducing revelation x) by John Gamble

Tim Cantrell Customer Support Engineer at Wordfence At Wordfence we try to give all of our customers the same amount of attention and the same quality support. Humans are different and if there is a communication problem we try to see that as a learning opportunity and a challenge for us to improve.

In our line of work, security, we find that often a customer is often already stressed and frustrated when they reach out to us for help and we try to allow for that. When they create a case those feelings can manifest in the customer lashing out. We always try to focus on solving the problem instead of responding to negativity. That said we have a strict rule against abuse and we do not tolerate customers who insult or try to demean our staff.

Everyone on our team has different strengths and we try to support each other in that to make all customer interactions successful in the end. If a problem arises, passing the case to a different support engineer will almost always turn the situation around. We work closely with each other and seek advice often.

Having a good workplace where collaboration and teamwork is encouraged helps us in this. Our team is hand selected to fit our culture.

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This benefits our customers and keeps our team stress free as well. We put a lot of talent and effort behind our focus on security, high-availability and overall reliable managed WP hosting, and most of the brands we work with understand how vital partnering with a team that has the right priorities can be. Not every WordPress site is a fit for Pagely, and those with fewer demands on up-time and security are likely not a good fit — but that often changes as their site grows.

Jolissa Skow Content Strategist at Thrive Internet Marketing My favorite type of client is one that is responsive and trusts us to do the job we were hired to do! The ideal client is involved enough in the relationship to communicate on a regular basis and answers questions from us in a timely manner. They also give us the access to accounts that we need to do our job as well as possible, and just trust us to be the experts and do a great job. This client is either constantly contacting us, using up the time in their budget for questions and assurances, or is mostly unresponsive — both of those situations can make our jobs more difficult!

Small business sites, web agencies, freelancers and fast-growing companies like Drift or Adespresso. The web hosting niche is a very resource intense industry and when it comes to WordPress sites, there are tens of thousands of themes, plugins and 3rd party integrations where a lot of things can go wrong. These clients understand that we can not help them writing or editing the code, add or remove extra functionality or customize their sites. They usually work with a skilled WordPress developer, they appreciate our suggestions and findings and they let the developer do the development work.

Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies (Introducing revelation x)

We have to draw the line and manage client expectations from day one otherwise client support is not sustainable in the long-term. They refuse to hire a developer and they are not open to accepting your suggestions. In these cases, this is the best way you can help to grow your business. As far as they were concerned, the internet was Google and that was that.

Their mental model was of the Yellow Pages, and they were very much stuck on that. Having said that, once they were settled the site did its job and they were then pretty much the perfect customer in many ways. Daniel Corin Stig CEO at White Label Agency To set the context, we work only in long-term partnerships as a subcontractor to digital agencies to build custom WordPress websites from their design files.

So a client for us is either an established partner or a new partner that we just started working with. But beyond that, great partners for us are really the ones that help us do a great job for them. For example, they send us specifications that match their expectations on how we build sites for them.

Interestingly, one of our best partners gives us very few instructions besides their design files. But since they are very happy with our default interpretations on how to implement their designs as a coded site, they are very satisfied with the result. At the other end of the spectrum, we have great partners that write very detailed instructions for us on how to build sites from their designs css framework, animation effects, backend setup, etc.